Christina's Restaurant Story

For Christina’s owners George and Peggy, entrepreneurial success did not come easy.

After emigrating from Greece at the young ages of 16 and 8, they immediately learned the meaning of hard work and perseverance, working in family restaurants: George as a dishwasher and cook and Peggy as a waitress.

As newlyweds, they co-owned a family restaurant called “The Point” which was in Gurnee, IL. Wanting to venture off and own their own business, they moved to Menomonee Falls, WI where they opened up their first official restaurant “Colonial Family Restaurant.”

Throughout their time at Colonial they established great clientele, worked close to 70 hour weeks and in the grew and learned a great deal about themselves as business owners. After 10 years, they wanted to expand even further, stumbling across a Burger King for sale in Waukesha, which is currently known as Christina’s All Day Café.

After taking the leap and purchasing the property and business, the next step was to find a name for the business. After a long struggle of not being able to have children, George and Peggy were blessed with a baby girl in 1985, naming her Christina after “Christ” to give their thanks. It was at that time they decided to name their new business “Christina’s.”

Since it’s official opening in March of 1986, the business has undergone several expansions and remodeling to get where it is today. George and Peggy continue to strive to provide excellent food, service and satisfaction in order to make their customers feel at home and part of the family.

Throughout the Years